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Cancer Insurance Cover: Who needs it?

Specific illness cover options are now becoming more popular and affordable. This is particularly so with cancer considering its occurrence rate is greater than 1 in 4 of the general population. It is true to say that we don’t have […]

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The Pensions Time Bomb! What the people think

PRESS RELEASE Ireland’s Two Speed Pension Economy – New Survey shows whilst some people have stopped making contributions to their pensions, it is being offset by more people increasing their contributions, a leading pensions advisory firm in Dublin has […]

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Investment Funds sing a new tune & What a Difference a Year Makes

Default Investment Strategies – The Balance between Risk & Return What difference a year makes in the world of investment funds! A year ago investors were concerned that the eurozone was about to break up and the global financial system […]

Insurance for Women: EU Gender Directive deadline is looming

Women Beware! New EU Gender Directive Has Massive Implications It is not widely known at this time despite some recent media focus on the implications of the new EU Gender Directive will have on car insurance premiums, that in fact […]

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