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Ocean.ie provide mortgage brokerage and advisory services assisting you to be ”mortgage-ready” when you want to purchase you new home


Very competitively-priced product which covers your life & mortgage in the event of death or specified illness. Excellent value & peace of mind!

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Time waits for nobody. Independent advice on planning for your retirement. Save money by transferring your existing pension plan.

Save thousands of euro now and over your financial lifetime by grouping together all financial products to reduce costs!

Our super efficient online service reduces the need for paperwork and unnecessary delays, which means the cost savings are passed on onto you.

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Did you take out mortgage life cover during the Celtic Tiger?

>> Then you are probably being fleeced if you still have the same policy!

Read these remarkable survey findings which show how you could save serious money on your premiums and still get the same cover or better.


Many people who are paying monthly premiums on pre-2008 policies are in effect being fleeced by fat margins which certain institutions were able to demand at that time says Terry Palmer of ocean.ie


Check out this comparison table here to see how much you are overpaying…even smokers are saving up to 49%!

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We have saved thousands of euro for hundreds of people. By grouping together, we can drive down the fees charged by financial institutions.



Eimear Goggin - mortgage protection customer

“I cannot believe how much I was originally paying for my mortgage protection and thanks very much for getting back to me with such a great price. I have and will continue to recommend you to my friends and family. Thanks again!”
Eimear Goggin


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