Life’s unpredictable and no one knows what is going to happen next. But wouldn’t it be comforting to know that your loved ones would be looked after if you weren’t around?

We want to help you understand your needs and get you thinking about what protection you might need to put in place to secure you and your family’s financial future.

Check out the questions in the life stage relevant to you. You might need to talk to us to review your protection needs.

If you’re single or in a relationship with no dependent children:

• Could you and / or your partner make ends meet if you were unable to work due to injury or illness?
• Are you entitled to, and could you maintain your lifestyle on the state illness benefit of €188 per week?
• If you suffer a major illness could you pay for your health care expenses?
• Would you be able to meet your mortgage payments if you became ill?
• Are you or your partner adequately provided for if either of you die?

If you’re single or in a relationship with dependent children:

• Could you, your partner or children make ends meet if either you or your partner suffered an injury, illness or death?
• Could you or your partner and children survive on state benefits?
• If one of you suffered an injury, illness or death, do you have the necessary resources to ensure you meet the educational & and care needs of your children?


If you’re an empty nester:

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• Have you or your partner considered how you will pay for funeral expenses? Will you rely on your children?
• If you are lucky enough to have accumulated some assets during your life, have you considered the potential inheritance tax consequences for the beneficiaries of these assets in your will?



If you’re a business owner – either a Partner or Proprietary Director:

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• How would your business cope if you or your business partners get ill or die?
• Could your company / business deal with an event which leads to the loss of a key employee? Does your company have a contingency plan in place?


Why not take the time to compare the market for mortgage protection, serious illness and life cover here.

The level & type of protection cover you need will be dependent on your specific circumstances. would be delighted to review your specific needs and give you options to consider.