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Mortgage Protection & Life Cover now reduced by up to 50%

Did you take out expensive mortgage protection or life insurance. . . perhaps during the Celtic Tiger era? Then you must read remarkable survey findings below which show how you might save serious money on your premiums and still get […]

Irish Life giving away €500m worth of life assurance

Limited Offer – only 226 places remaining! ***UPDATE: THIS OFFER HAS NOW CLOSED***   This a superb offer for parents to ensure their family for one year for free with no payment required. However from an initial 20,000 places, there […]

Family Finance Planning: ‘Where there’s a Will there’s a relative!’

That old proverb is never out of date. And indeed what about this perennial favourite; Whilst good financial planning cannot lessen your sense of loss on the death of a loved one, it can reduce your Tax Bill.   Issues […]

Just how much life cover do I need?

Already have Life Cover or Life Insurance? Then you are alright then…or maybe not… Recent research from Caledonian Life has shown how many people who already have a Life Cover policy may be under-provisioning for their dependants and beneficiaries in […]