Ocean Finance has had a facebook page for some time, albeit it was unloved (by all) and neglected (by us) until recently. Things have changed a bit since…

Funny EU Gender Directive poster

One of the images used in the Ocean.ie EU Gender Directive campaign

Facebook provided us with a unique channel to reach out specifically to an audience that we wanted to talk to before the 21st of December…and that is women!

The forthcoming EU Gender Directive which will lead to an effective increase insurance premiums for women has not caught the news headlines as much as one might have expected.

Therefore we decided to run an information promotion on facebook which conveniently allowed us to reach only females (aged 24 or above).  The purpose was to inform them that their life insurance and income protection premiums were likely to rise dramatically, but that they could avoid this increase if they contacted us before the 21 December deadline.

Our information campaign seems to have struck a chord and our tongue-in-cheek imagery was viewed by over 350,000 people (see graphic below).

We were glad to have helped many who have enquired about how they can save and we are also glad that we are no longer ‘Billy-no-Mates’ on facebook!

Our facebook page is here www.facebook.com/OceanFinanceIreland

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