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How to Reduce Your Income Tax Bill Now in One Fell Swoop

  Income Tax and Pension Deadline  – What happens on 16 November 2017? Although, like all dates, it comes around each and every year, this one can throw up more than its fair share of complications on an annual basis. […]

When you say goodbye to your old employer, don’t say goodbye to that pension

Don’t lose track of your pension especially when you move job! If you had thousands in a bank savings account, you would remember keep a good eye on it. You should think about your pension like that. Do you know and […]

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Budget 2017 Highlights (If that’s what you call them)

With the exception of the Help to Buy scheme for first time house buyers (we will be writing up a complete guide to that shortly), this particular budget was a well-flagged damp squib. So rather than wading through the Minister’s […]

Contractors: Save tax using a limited company pension

Well here are three worked examples to illustrate your net pay could be and how you could save on tax by setting up a Limited Company, employing your spouse and using a Company Pension. Your net salary will depend on a […]

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Many of us may feel the January pinch on our wallets, so here our our Top 12 Money Saving Tips for 2016 to help people out with their financials for the year ahead…and most of them are easier than you might think! Another […]

Zurich pension funds show good returns over 25 years

25 years ago feels like another era, the time of the collapse of communism and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Pension clients of a certain vintage may find it hard to believe that was back in November 1989, that Zurich Life (formerly [...]
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Budget 2015: So what does it mean for me?

If the previous six budgets have felt like a death by a thousand big cuts, Michael Noonan’s 2015 Budget has brought a little light relief. (Not least to certain social media types who seem to enjoy him being under the […]


This guide has been written for people who have a sum of money to invest. *This is for informational purposes only, and you should get proper advice from a financial broker. (You can start by completing the risk profiler questionnaire […]

Why investing in cash may not be the best option

After all the turmoil in property and stock markets in recent years, many people have chosen to put their savings or pension into cash-only instruments.  Is this playing it safe or plain stupid?  Zurich Life, which are one of the […]

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Life Insurer calculates the replacement cost of Mums & Dads

Despite the changing nature of the traditional roles of men and women, this Irish Life survey claims that women are still providing the lion’s share of unpaid work when it comes to child-rearing and household duties. According to this infographic […]