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Income Protection Explained

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What is Income Protection?

Should you be unable to work due to illness or injury, Income Protection provides you with a regular income.

Income Protection will pay a proportion of your earned income if you can no longer earn an income yourself.

Protection for up to 75% of your annual income

The maximum income protection benefit is 75% of your annual salary less the State Illness Benefit (if applicable), which is currently approximately €10,000. (N.B. State Illness Benefit is not paid to self-employed people).

You can choose to insure your salary for less than 75% if you so wish.

There are limits on the maximum income level that you can cover. These limits vary across the insurance companies, but typically it is up to 75% of the first €125,000 of your salary plus 33% of the balance less the State Illness Benefit. This is subject to an overall maximum of circa €175,000- €250,000.

Deferred Period

Deferred Period is the term used when you have been off work for a specific length of time before the Income Protection commences. Income Protection Payment is paid until you are able to return to work or until your chosen retirement age.

If you were to fall ill & had no income protection

  • Who would pay your medical bills?
  • Could you pay your household bills?

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